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Why Join

Why Join

beer_glassMembership in the Wyoming State Liquor Association (WSLA) could be the most cost-effective form of insurance for your business that you can invest in. Some of the reasons are:

Legislative and Governmental Representation
“The WSLA is our watchdog for the liquor industry. Most of us are business people, without the time or resources to attend or monitor the many legislative and governmental meetings that can affect our industry. With the WSLA we can.”

“We are in an industry that can be decimated by adverse legislation. It is also an industry that is constantly under attack by anti-alcohol groups and individuals. Without the representation of the WSLA, our future would be much bleaker.”

The WSLA has been at the forefront of the industry, protecting Wyoming businesses from destructive legislation and regulations while working to keep our state business-friendly to allow our economy, and our businesses, to grow and prosper.

Imagine doing business in a state featuring:

These things are not scare tactics; they have all been proposed for Wyoming. Without banding together, stopping the assault on the liquor industry is impossible.

Other Benefits of Membership:
From the constant flow of information from e-mails, the website, the newsletter; to the state-wide alcohol education program; and even insurance savings. Your ability to be successful, and profitable, is greatly helped by your involvement in the WSLA because

Instead of asking “Can I afford to be a member;” the question should be “Can I afford not to be a member?”