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2013 Legislative Updates

2013 Legislative Updates

WSLA Registers A Successful 2013 Legislative Session

It was another successful, and very eventful, Legislative Session in 2013 for the Wyoming State Liquor Association. During the Session, the WSLA office mailed over 2,500 Legislative Alerts, sent over 2,000 e-mails and made uncounted phone calls to Wyoming retailers to alert you to legislation of interest. We thank you for your support… it was indispensable to our success.

Highlights included the passage of a Wyoming Lottery and updates for the identification cardsallowed for alcohol purchases. In addition, we successfully defeated bills such as tax increases and allowing private individuals with malt beverage permits to sell wine, preventing them from competing with retailers. Listed below are some of the major bills:

House Bill 77 (Wyoming lottery) authorizes the formation of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation, which will implement a state-wide lottery with Powerball and similar games.WSLA supported. Signed by the Governor into law.

House Bill 122 (Alcoholic beverages purchases-acceptable identification) allows identification cards issued by other jurisdictions to be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages while removing Canadian and Mexican driver’s licenses.WSLA supported. Signed by the Governor into law.

House Bill 111 (Tips and gratuities–sales tax) provides for tips and gratuities to be excluded from sales tax, which was not allowed before.WSLA supported. Signed by the Governor into law.

House Bill 112 (Tip distribution policies) authorized employers to set policies regarding tip and gratuity pooling and distribution. WSLA was neutral. Indefinitely postponed after Joint Conference Committee meetings.

House Bill 123 (Restaurant liquor licensees – dispensing rooms) allows restaurant licensees to maintain an additional dispensing room provided they pay the same fee and follow the same requirements as full retail licensees while following the same restrictions required of restaurant liquor licenses. WSLA was neutral, provided there were no changes to the bill, which there weren’t. Signed by the Governor into law.

Senate File 64 (Wholesale malt beverage distributors-limitations)limiting nonresident (out-of-state) ownership in malt beverage wholesale licenses and allows for temporary licenses.WSLA was neutral, provided there were no changes that affected retailers, which there weren’t. Signed by the Governor into law.

House Bill 199 (Cigarette taxes) would have increased the cigarette state excise tax from 60 cents a pack to $1.60 and earmarked the revenue generated to the Department of Health for the Medicaid program.WSLA opposed. Killed in House Committee of the Whole.

House Bill 253 (Restaurant liquor licenses-catering permit) allowed restaurant liquor licensees to apply for catering permits for off-premises sale of alcoholic or malt beverages.WSLA opposed. Killed without Introduction.

Senate File 54 (Limited alcoholic beverage permit) would have allowed malt beverage permits (including private individuals) to include sales of wine.WSLA opposed. Killed on Senate 3rd Reading.