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Wyoming State Liquor Association Final Report: Legislature, 2004

Thanks to all of you for your e-mails, calls and letters to legislators. You made the difference!
Mike Moser

Funding for the Alcohol Server Training program: The additional permanent funding for free state-wide alcohol server training (TIPS) from the Wyoming Department of Revenue Liquor Division moved unscathed through the Budget Hearings and was supported by the Governor. In summary, this will ensure the continuation of this program to Wyoming liquor retailers, through the WSLA, for at least two more uninterrupted years.

Following is a list of bills of interest to the WSLA and their fate:

HB 17 – Open containers of alcohol would enhance earlier legislation to ban open containers of alcohol for operators, as well as passengers, of motor vehicles. The bill does exempt, however, chartered busses and limousines. Died on General File.

HB 20 – State lottery organization would put Wyoming into the “Powerball” multi-state lottery. Passed House, died waiting for Senate Travel Committee.

HB 50 – Felony driving under the influence (extends the period in which increased penalties for DUI’s may be imposed to elevate numerous DUI’s to a felony. Died without Introduction.

HB 73 – Sales tax – employee food service provides a sales tax exemption for food and meals provided to employees. This bill is in response to a recent proposed rule by the Wyoming Department of Revenue that free employee meals are taxable. WLRA supports this bill. Passed into law.

HB 108 – Microbrewery minimum production would lower the minimum production of microbrewery beer to qualify for a Microbrewery liquor license. Died without Introduction.

HB 110 – Alcoholic beverages – special permit would allow chambers of commerce to hold 24 hour malt beverage permits; these permits are usually currently being held by private individuals instead of the chambers themselves. WSLA will monitor so no changed will be made to the bill.Passed into law.

HB 123 – Malt beverage excise tax would quadruple the Wyoming malt beverage excise tax to one and one half cents a liter. Funds were earmarked t be split up among Wyoming municipalities. WSLA opposed this bill. Killed on Introduction.

HB 124 – DriverÕs license format was killed in House Transportation; however, its mission was accomplished without bill passage. It directed the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) to make the driver’s license of a person under 21 years of age on a vertical format rather than horizontal format to make it easier to spot minors attempting to purchase alcohol and cigarettes. WYDOT guaranteed the House Transportation Committee that the changes will be made this year without the billÉ in addition to the addition of magnetic strips and bar codes. Accordingly the Transportation Committee voted not to move the bill forward. These changes to Wyoming licenses will come as a tremendous assistance to Wyoming alcohol and tobacco retailers.

HB 128 – Restaurant liquor license created a new type of liquor license (a “bar and grill” license) that would have been given in unlimited numbers to businesses with more than $600,000 to invest in a building in cities over 20,000 in population. WSLA opposed this bill. Killed on Introduction.

HB 130 – Worker’s compensation Ð costs of recoveries requires the state to contribute to attorneys fees and costs of recovery out of the worker’s compensation fund. WSLA opposed this bill. Killed in House Labor.

HB 183 – Driving under the influence – enhanced penalties enhances the penalties drunk drivers receive after multiple DUI’s; also includes mandatory substance abuse assessment in such cases. Killed in Senate Judiciary Committee.