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Wyoming State Liquor Association Final Report: Legislature, 2005

The 2005 Wyoming Legislature began January 11 and continued through early March

WSLA Hot Issues that have passed the 2005 Legislature!!!

HB 66 – Illegal open house parties for minors creates penalties for adults over the age of 21 who allow open house parties to take place where underage individuals consume or possess alcohol or illegal drugs. WSLA supports.Signed by the Governor into law.

HB 96 – Tobacco taxes institutes statutes to enforce the sale of counterfeit and illegal tobacco sales including internet tobacco sales. It also institutes penalties for violations. We successfully worked to have the first time penalties reduced for retailers. WSLA supports.Signed by the Governor into law.

HB 118 – Open containers of wine allows customers of a restaurant liquor license to leave with an unsealed bottle of wine when the wine is consumed, and purchased with, a full course meal. WSLA supports. Signed by the Governor into law.

HB 170 – Commonsense consumption act prohibits civil liability against sellers, manufacturers, livestock producers and retailers regarding long term consumption of food in regard to obesity. WSLA supports.Signed by the Governor into law.

HB 179 – Alcohol beverages – acceptable forms of identification modifies the forms of I.D. for alcohol consumption by deleting the Selective Service Registration Card and adding new forms of I.D. ie. Canadian and Mexican Driver’s Licenses. WSLA supports.Signed by the Governor into law.

HB 205 – Unlawful anti–skimming creates new laws to help prevent credit card and identity theft through “credit card skimming.” WSLA supports.Signed by the Governor into law.

SF 79 – Workers’ compensation fund creates stability in Wyoming workers’ comp rates by defining the reserve fund at a discounted rate and extends the solvency date from 2008 to 2013. WSLA supports.Signed by the Governor into law.

SF 97 – Unemployment insurance – delinquencies allows the Department of Employment to reduce the penalties for delinquent accounts. This allows the DOE to reduce or eliminate penalties for Wyoming businesses. WSLA supports.Signed by the Governor into law

HB 235 – Liquor license – industry representative creates two new categories of liquor industry representatives and modifies the fee structure. This was amended to half the original fees proposal. WSLA supports.Signed by the Governor into law.

R.I.P. – Bills that have died in the 2005 Legislative Session:

HB 230 – Malt beverage tax triples the current malt beverage excise tax and earmarks the money for the department of health for substance abuse treatment programs. WSLA opposed. Killed in House Revenue.

HB 47 – Liquor licenses population formula adjustment allows for additional full retail liquor licenses to be issued for every 2,000 in population in cities over 50,000 rather than the existing license for every 3,000 in population currently in law. WSLA opposed. Died without Committee Hearing.

HB 68 – Minimum wage rate – tipped employees awould eliminate the “tip credit” minimum wage (that would require all employees to be paid $5.15/hour before tips are included) used by many hospitality establishments in addition to elimination of the special minimum wage for individuals under 20 years of age. WSLA opposed. Died on General File.

HB 220 – Restaurant liquor licenses would allow restaurant liquor licensees to add a separate dispensing room (a bar) with the approval of the local licensing authority. WSLA opposed. Killed in House Travel

HB 344 – Optional liquor tax – limited time period would allow counties or municipalities to institute a temporary excise tax on the sale of alcoholic beverages. WSLA opposed. Died without Committee Hearing.

HB 242 – Tobacco taxes – 2 doubles the excise tax on “other tobacco products” than cigarettes and earmarks the money generated to the substance abuse control plan in the department of health. WSLA opposed. Died on House General File.

HB 328 – Wyoming farm winery permits creates licensure for Wyoming wineries and allows them to sell their product directly to Wyoming retailers. Died on House General File.

SF 161 – Living wage increases the minimum wage in Wyoming from $5.15/hour to $8.75/hour and provides for yearly increases based on the cost-of-living index. WSLA opposed. Killed in Senate Minerals.

HB 35 – Microbrewery minimum production would lower the minimum production of microbrewery beer to qualify for a Microbrewery liquor license from one hundred to fifty barrels per year.Died without Committee Hearing.