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geyserThe Wyoming State Liquor Association is a coalition of businesses banded together to protect, promote and educate our industry. Membership dues fund WSLA and the WSLA staff continually monitors and lobbies the state and national legislatures. WSLA also communicates with the Wyoming State Liquor Division, provides education for our members and speaks out against unfair statements made about our industry.

Frequently well-meaning legislation is introduced that could seriously damage your business. In a past session, for example, a bill was introduced to triple the taxes on liquor. While we are all willing to pay our fair share, WSLA simply explained the impact of such an action to the legislators. As they looked at the pros and cons of such a tax, it became obvious to them that the negatives outweighed the positives and went on to look at other options.

We also educate or members through our newsletter and offer educational seminars, including TIPS (alcohol server training). The newsletter and regular bulletins also alert members about upcoming legislation so that they can contact their legislator if they want to express an opinion.

How Much Are Annual Dues?
Annual dues are based on your gross annual purchase for the Wyoming Liquor Division. Just find what your gross annual purchase from the Wyoming Liquor Division was for the past year and your annual dues will correspond as follows:

Less than $5,000 – $150 per year
$5,000 to $13,000 – $195 per year
$13,000 to $50,000 – $285 per year
$50,000 to $100,000+ – $480 per year
Allied dues (non retail member) – $235 per year