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Q + A on TIPS Training

Alcohol Server Training Program

champagneQuestions and Answers on Wyoming’s alcohol server training program:

Why is TIPS training suspended? 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions on indoor gatherings as well as state budgetary issues, all in-person TIPS classes conducted by the WSLA and Wyoming Liquor Division are suspended until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Stay tuned… a postcard will be mailed with any further announcements.

Is there an online version I can take?

Yes!   On-line classes are available at www.gettips.com; the cost is $40, with a 30% discount available for WSLA members.  For the discount, please email moser@wyoliquor.org.

What is meant by “server training?”

With the TIPS program, students attend a 4 to 5 hour class with a test with 40 questions at the end. The tests are graded and given a pass or fail. Graduates are given a card, good for three years, that is registered both nationally and in Wyoming.

Other alcohol server training programs like ServeSafe Alcohol and TAM are recognized by the Wyoming Department of Revenue Liquor Division as valid training programs in Wyoming; however, the WSLA uses the TIPS program because on it’s content, availability, national recognition and lower cost.

These programs also train individuals how to deal with alcohol related problems like domestic disputes and other violence and how to work with law enforcement when these problems occur.

Can other people that are not in the beverage industry take the class?

This state-wide program has trained a myriad of people from legislators, to law enforcement, to city officials, to concerned citizens. The class is provided free-of-charge to anyone with an interest in promoting responsible and safe alcohol consumption.

Why is the program offered free?

The training isn’t completely free; employers must pay their employees for attendance if they require them to go and in many cases pay for their gas and expenses.

Wyoming furnishes a number of programs to businesses in Wyoming for employee training and development already; the Department of Workforce Services is a good example.

Why are we doing this for liquor retailers and not other retailers?

Alcohol Server Training is one of the best ways to prevent alcohol related problems from happening; which means the primary beneficiary of this program are the citizens of Wyoming. This is a bill that deals with public safety more than anything else.

The best way to approach underage drinking, drunk driving and other alcohol related problems is prevention. It is certainly preferable to train individuals that work around alcohol to keep bad things from happening than to deal with the consequences afterward.

How does Alcohol Server Training prevent underage drinking and cigarette use?

One of the integral parts of the curriculum is to teach servers and sellers of alcohol and tobacco products how to catch minors trying to purchase by spotting fake I.D.’s, working with law enforcement to stop minors that attempt to purchase, and training employees Wyoming laws about the repercussions of the sales of alcohol and tobacco to minors. Cities across Wyoming have shown that this training directly assists compliance in prevention of sales of alcohol and tobacco to minors.

Where does the money come from?

The money comes from the Wyoming Department of Revenue Liquor Division’s operational budget. Money is granted annually to a bidding contractor (currently the WSLA) to conduct the training with goals agreed to by the Liquor Division; the contractor reports to the Division regularly on progress and works with the Division on implementation and reporting. Further money is retained by the Division for peripheral costs such as R & D and administration.

What are the program goals?

The current program has a goal of 1,750 persons per year trained in all programs.

The program must also be available across Wyoming and furnished free of charge. We have well exceeded our goals.

Why isn’t this training mandatory for all Wyoming liquor retailers?

Some states (and Wyoming municipalities) require alcohol server training for employees of liquor establishments. In Wyoming, fortunately, voluntary training has proven to be very effective with well over 90% of establishments trained in many municipalities in prior programs. Wyoming retailers have responded enthusiastically to this training for the good of their business and the citizens of Wyoming.